Mattress recycling

Do you wish we had mattress recycling in the Kansas City region? The MARC Solid Waste Management District staff is working to make that happen.Peeling textile layers off of mattress

In January, a small group of interested persons drove to Hutchinson, Kan., to the correctional facility where mattresses are dismantled by hand for material recovery. Most of the material is sent to market for recycling. The wood, however, is used on-site to construct outdoor chairs, planters and storage boxes for sale. The facility collects mattresses from 13 Kansas counties.

Materials extracted from the mattresses include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Foam
  • Textiles, including cloth coverings, cotton batting, coconut fiber and cotton/poly blend padding

Mattresses are a viewed as a nuisance by landfill operators, since they can take up a significant amount of landfill space and do not degrade well. Regional landfill operators have expressed an interest in the opportunity to divert mattresses.

MARC SWMD staff hopes to collaborate with one or more agencies to make mattress recycling in the region a reality.

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