Pendleton Heights Curbside Compost Program – powered by bicycle!

The MARC Solid Waste Management District administers an annual grant program that awards funds to local communities and organizations for waste reduction and recycling-related projects. From time to time, we publish updates about recent grant recipients.


Jerusalem Farm, a nonprofit and intentional community, was awarded a 2013 grant to provide weekly curbside collection of compostable materials to the Pendleton Heights neighborhood located in northeast Kansas City.

Volunteers collect compostable materials once a week from participating residents using buckets and bicycles. The buckets were diverted from local grocery store bakeries and would have otherwise been destined for disposal. They were cleaned, spray painted with the program logo and provided to participating households. Revolve KC, another SWMD grantee, supplied the bicycles at a reduced cost. The farm plans to use a truck during the colder months.

Jerusalem-Farm2The collected material will be composted on farm property. Finished compost will be given to participating residents or used in the farm’s community garden lots.

The collection program began in June and has diverted nearly 2.5 tons of material (including the buckets).  To date, the program has 41 residential participants.  More information about the program is available on the Jerusalem Farm website.


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