Celebrate America Recycles Day: give your old stuff a second life

Happy America Recycles Day!

america-recycles-day-logoMARC’s Solid Waste Management District encourages you to give your old stuff a second life on the 16th annual America Recycles Day (ARD). Held every year on November 15, ARD is a national campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling and buying products made with recycled materials.

In the Kansas City metro area, about 80 percent of the average home’s trash is reusable or recyclable. If you’re like most people, you probably already recycle items such as cans, plastic and paper. But did you know you can also recycle items such as paint, computers, building materials, tires, Styrofoam, carpet, glass bottles and jars, yard waste, compact fluorescent light bulbs and bicycles?

Now that we’ve piqued your curiosity, visit www.RecycleSpot.org where you can:

  • Find these items and many more to recycle or reuse.
  • Choose from several ARD events scheduled throughout the week where you can drop off computers, televisions, sensitive documents for shredding and more.
  • Learn how to buy recycled.
  • Get tools to help promote recycling and reuse in your community.
  • Download a great activity for the kids.

You or your business can also take the America Recycles Day pledge or participate in the ARD Thunderclap to share your love for recycling.

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