Sustainable product websites help you shop smart for the holidays

paper-art-215838_640When you’re faced with a shelf full of products, it’s hard to know what the best choice is for you and for our environment.

An easy way to help keep our air clean is to shop at locally-owned stores or markets: the shorter the distance a product has to travel, the fewer emissions enter our air. But shopping smart can reach beyond local shops. Several websites add transparency and product information to the decision-making process.

  • helps you buy “safe, healthy, green and ethical products based on scientific ratings.” Products receive scores in three categories: health, environment and society. You can look up your favorite products to learn their scores, or scan a bar code at the store using the mobile app.
  • lists the top 20 best and worst companies based on five categories: environment, human rights, animal protection, community involvement and social justice. They intend to rank “every company in the world,” and you can buy the complete shopping guide for $10 (plus shipping).
  • Try to find holiday cards like these that use soy-based inks to cut down on solvents, and buy 100 percent recycled paper to reduce air pollution associated with growing and logging trees. Or, you might consider sending a Christmas e-card instead.
  • explains how much water it took to get a product to you, whether it’s your daily apple or the jeans you’re wearing. It was originally designed as a free iPhone app, but also has a mobile version available via the website.

Larger corporations have caught on to the eco-trend, as well:

  • Target recently launched its Sustainable Product Standard, designed in partnership with GoodGuide, which adds packaging and water quality scores along with GoodGuide’s rankings.
  • Last year Amazon started, a site which determines if products are sustainable, organic or energy and water efficient, among other standards, before selling them.
  • eBay encourages green shopping with a separate site for green buyers and sellers.

With these resources, you can help our air quality AND check off all the presents on your lists this year.

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