Bring good things to life — again — when you recycle your old appliances

Refrigerated-Appliance-BoxModern life would be very different without appliances:  they wash, they dry, they heat, they cool, they slice, they dice, they make julienne fries! But when they stop working and are beyond repair, it’s time to recycle them.  But where?

Large Appliances

The easiest way to recycle large appliances such as washers and refrigerators is to have them removed by the company delivering your new appliance.  They will recycle your old appliance and are required by law to properly dispose of refrigerants.  If you’re installing the new appliance yourself, consider taking the old, nonfunctioning one to a scrap metal dealer, a used appliance dealer, landfill or transfer station. Johnson County, Lee’s Summit, and Courtney Ridge landfills have appliance recycling services. Several transfer stations (a site where recyclables and refuse are collected and sorted in preparation for processing or landfill) have appliance recycling services as well. Always call first.

If your old appliance still works, there may be no need to recycle it. Contact a used appliance dealer or Habitat ReStore (one of our SWMD grantees) to find out if it can be reused.

Small Appliances

Non-working small appliances like hair dryers, microwaves and coffee makers are accepted by a few electronic-waste recyclers such as The Surplus Exchange, Vintage Tech Recyclers, and Computer Recycle USA. If you’re just upgrading and the old one still works, you can also donate it to your local thrift store.

For more information on recycling appliances, visit and search for the appliance you wish to recycle.

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